Friday, January 3, 2014

me ranting about nothing.

So i had a minute and realized i havnt posted anything on here in quite awhile. I enjoy writing on my blog for my business and some personal if i feel the need to vent a bit.
Things have slooooooowwwweed down in my mind since ive been back from georgia... Nothing really to focus on or get excited about. Well dont take that the wrong way. I truly enjoy my life. but personally i need goals. deadlines. personal accomplishments. something to keep me busy and know that i dont have time to waste. To do stuff I enjoy and get excited about. So yes i applied to be a vendor at the show again this year except this time i only applied to the one in Ohio. No need to drive to Georgia again.... Please never again.

If i get in That will give me a goal. a focus. a purpose. something these Long Ohio winters can deprive you of when you are cooped up for far to long. To top it off it is only the 3rd of January... I have so long to go before Spring arrives.

Ive been selling my stuff at a store called Local Roots. It's actually a very cool store. All local handmade artists selling produce, crafts, jewelry, anything you can grow, sew or knit they have it. I love going in there is being a member there makes me feel like i am supporting a much needed cause. Plus a lot of people have been interested in my things there so it is giving me something to strive towards. A couple weeks ago i stood in and spoke with some local customers there. I met several really cool people. Which is always very refreshing.

Christmas was excellent. Other than the fact that both my kids have had damn near 2 months of being sick. Christmas was not going to be any less exciting. It was special and memorable.  Doing traditions that my mother did with me when i was a kid, a few traditions my husband does not understand. but regardless there worth doing.

Like this tradition waiting at the top of the stairs until mom and dad are ready.  By ready i mean our coffee is ready to drink the camera is ready and the suspense is killing them. Of course Oliver has no idea whats going on but he patiently waits by his brother.

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