Saturday, November 2, 2013

From peaches to buckeyes.

Interesting words where said tonight. Things that are hard to say. Hard to imagine. Hard to accept. Words that prove to me that I'm aging. I'm still in my late twenties and I believe 30's are more the reality check age. I think.... Who knows? 
I'm learning a lot. About people, about business, about family. Maybe Georgia did that to me, maybe it was an eye opener? I dunno ... 
I do know this.  I'm keeping an open mind. I'm accepting. I'm moving forward. I know there is not much info in this blog post. I apologize. Another thing that's taken me 27 yrs to accept.... We don't need to always know all the answers to anything in this life.... I actually think not knowing is the best part. 

Georgia went well... I'm glad to be home. Everyone's alive lol. I sold a bunch of stuff. Learned a lot!!! It was a good time. 
I actually think Georgia was a huge reality check for me... Nothing comes easy... Sometimes what you put in you don't get back. Sometimes you go through bad shit , and there isn't as much good to compensate. It's bullshit. It's life. I'm accepting. I'm moving on. With my held high. And when BS comes my way. I'm gonna push through it. And carry on. Tell me what other choice do you have?

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  1. Shop set up looks great!! Glad it went well.