Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pre-Booth Setup Atlanta Country Living Fair.

So far every weekend leading up to this fair has gone according to plan....  I;ve planned everything so much and thought about it so meticulously that i am waiting for the bottom to fall out..

SO when i was in the house and i look out my window to see my brand new tent rolling across the lawn, i felt at that moment the bottom was falling out....

But all in all after we picked up our tent,  my husband yelled Briana just relax. and our neighbor came over to ask if we needed help. we got ourselves together.

Next plan on the list was to put the booth together. a trial run if you will... and if i do say so myself i am pleased with the way it turned out. None of it could have been accomplished without my husband, dad, and sister. A team effort it was. and it came together nicely. 

 This picture shows the walls we built to hold my bags. I love it and its a great way to display up high and down low while allowing all the bags to be seen.
Granted this is all a pre-trial of the real thing this coming Friday.

                                    I realize this doesn't look very nice but it will look better. :)

 There she is ... 
Going to this fair is something i've been working very hard towards for a long time. and i really dont know if it will go well, or if the bottom will fall out. Honestly I really dont care. All i want is for us to arrive safely, come home safely, have a good time. Enjoy ourselves and try to not let the small things bother us. To make memories that will last us a life time. and after all that making a little money would be nice too :)

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