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Salt Creek Times Story

I'm a stay at home mom. 4 years ago when i had my son, adjusting to staying at home was taking it's toll on me. So i reverted back to something i've known since i was born. Crafting. Both my parents are artists in their own unique way. Both are very talented. I owe my creative way of thinking to them. They taught me to think outside the box. Be creative and Be unique. I started making primitive snowman and selling them for 13.95 on Ebay.... Although this is'nt something i knew i wanted to do forever, it got my foot in the door. It gave me the desire to do more, think more, create more. after i did the snowman thing for awhile, one day i picked up a gunny sack that i had laying around. My first item i made was a burlap bucket. It was large enough to hold a quilt. I listed it on my Etsy account and well 3 years later here i am. Going to craft fairs, sewing daily. Trying to come up with new, unique things to make.

The name Salt Creek Times is inspired by the beautiful creek that runs right through my backyard. On this property so much has happened. I moved here when i was a teenager in high school living on my own. Then later my husband moved in, then our children. This is where our stories began. So these are the Times here on the Salt Creek....

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