Monday, January 5, 2015

Its been too long Hello 2015

It has been so long since i have written that many times ( ok maybe once) i contemplated deleting my blog all together.  Although i still like the idea of doing that i probably won't.  What motivated me to write today was that i wanted to write down my goals for 2015. I know so Clich√©' right? I didn't know where to write them down at. Writing them on paper meant it would get thrown away in a couple of days, and i'm not ready to treat this year with my lack of motivation just yet. This year is going to be different. Maybe it will be better? Maybe it will be worse? If i have any control at all It will start out with at least a little motivation from myself. So here they are;

1. I want to have a positive attitude. To often i find myself left with the end of the week sunday blues, that always work there way into a case of the Mondays.  Well Not No Mor' (she said in her thug voice). Last Sunday as i was feeling very BLAH, I sat there and told myself what the hell Briana get happy! Its all in my mind and that i CAN control so from now on i will.

2. Remove Technology. Ok with in reasoning. I am getting rid of cable, for to many reasons my fingers don't feel like typing. The reasons are obvious ones.

3. Love up on my husband...... This is way easier said than done.  Ive been with my husband for 10 years and Lord knows i love him. This mama is tired, this mama is a creature of habit, and this mama needs to show papa he's worth it. He's worth my time, my hugs and kisses, he's worth being noticed and appreciated way more than he has been. Even when i feel i have nothing left to give after those little monsters have stripped me from my patience. I still need to find it in me to stop and give some more.

4. Im stepping up my game in the business world. Just the thought of doing this is exhausting me. Why have i been selling my handmade goodies for the last 5 years if all i was ever gonna do was the same thing i've always done????  I need to do more. If this means travel more, make more, sell more, advertise more. Than thats what this mama is gonna do....

5. Last but not least i will say the oh so obvious thing..... I WANT THIS LAST 10 LBS OFF MY ASS.   Thats right I'm done.... 10 freaking lbs people..... its leaving this year i don't care if i have to starve..... I will not work out nope won't do it, i hate it. I will starve before i sweat thats for damn sure! Maybe a few walks, maybe a few bike rides. I will not put that jillian Michael's DVD back in i just won't!

So thats it. Thats my list take or leave it. Like it or don't. Its on my blog for this cosmic world to read.  So maybe just maybe it will motivate me to actually do it! What are some of your goals for 2015?
 Heres some pics of the family for you to enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to read!

Heres my husbands parents and siblings along with their wives. We took this same photo last year just like this. Hoping it becomes tradition.  
leaving cookies for Santa. of course a carrot for the reindeer. Where the hells the milk mom? 

This is so a thrift store gift.... He don't care he loves that little math game. 

he got some cool gifts too not just bargain shopping..... 

I love that our little town library did a gingerbread house decorating party, along with Santa being dropped off by the local fire truck. Makes me love our little town even more. 

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