Tuesday, October 8, 2013

mama vent day.... with some new family pics.

Today has been one of those days where the kids have gotten 2 separate meals for breakfast just to stop some of the whining / arguing between the 2 of them. Sometimes it seems the only break i get is when their eating. Being a mother can be so hard at times. I've found the only time i get frustrated with it, is when i am trying to do something for myself. What can i say im human. I have needs too.

My four yr old is not a hyper kid but his mouth doesnt stop. He is constantly talking. I'm really not exaggerating. I love him so much and i love that he loves to talk. Sometimes you just want to have a second to think about stuff. When your getting constant questions that already have the answers in the question it can get a little trying at times.

 I hate that sometimes I look forward to them being in school. I don't want time to go any faster but a more frequent break would be nice. I feel so lame complaining about all of this. but damn it, this is tough. Some days are easier than others. Sometimes Oliver will sleep while Owens in pre-school and i get a minute to sew, or cut some fabric. Those days are nice. 

My life is beautiful, and there isnt a single thing i would change, today i feel like venting a little bit. trying to accept that i am not super mom wearing pearls &  heals and serving my family. We are not the Leave it to Beaver household. As of right now the bathroom floor is soaked and i have to little boys in the bathtub having a splashing competition..... So time to get to work get the floor cleaned, get them dressed and ready for the day. get the sheets out of the dryer and clean the bedrooms, then we will do lunch, go to preschool. pick him up from preshool, make dinner, do the dishes and after i put the kids to bed, i'll be hopefully be cranking out some serious Burlap Christmas Stockings.

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