Thursday, September 12, 2013

Salt creek times burlap goodies :)

I've been sewing like a crazy woman lately. With every yawn and late night I just hope all my hard work will pay off. I hope at least one person leaves the show saying or thinking " salt creek times booth was amazing". I hope I have a permanent smile on my face the whole way home to ohio. I hope my husband looks at me and says wow you where right this was a good idea.. Lol ok ok I won't go that far!!  

Here's a few of the latest... 

After I did this foot stool my son said mom I love It, i want to keep it, i don't want you to sell it.  Haha.  I hope he don't have hoarder tendencies from watching his parents get rid of everything. 


Sorry this is so blurry my 4 yr old took it.... God love him. :) 

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  1. Gorgeous pieces :)