Thursday, March 28, 2013

new bags coming soon

I have been counting down the days to nice weather... Apparently i got a little spoiled last year with spring coming early.... This year seems to really be wearing me down. But i cant change the weather, but i can change my outlook. So i have been all about goals lately. My first goal was to reach my ideal weight! goal #1 complete :) yaaahh Goal #2 was to make a really nice leather bag, again i got a little ahead of myself thinking I would have a leather sewing machine by now... So since that hasn't happened i created and designed a new bag for my shop.  
I am elated with excitement.  Visions of professional photographers for some reputable magazine are where i feel this "new" bag will take me... In my mind this will be the bag. The bag that finally gets me discovered and my dreams of being a professional bag maker will come true. You will go to Macys and while shopping the handbag section there will be COACH, LV, Dooney & Bourke and Briana Dale..... hahah ok ok im done dreaming. But no seriously i really like how these little cuties turned out and i cant wait to share them.
 So why am i  stalling you ask? I'll explain...
       I....... like any crafter,  im sure.... cant stand being copied..... There i said it, its out.
 If you go to pinterest and type Coffee bean Burlap bag, you will find a ton of burlap bags, a lot of which i have made. In the caption someone will write " O what a cute idea we should do this". I know that is the purpose of pinterest, but i cant stand it.  Sometime i feel its just a slap in the face. Like someone taking your original idea and then thinking im not only going to copy what she did im going to try to make it better and sell it for a 1/2 the price. So as of right now. Im not sharing. im just enjoying my original idea all to myself and once i have enough made. im going to publicize the crap out of them. Happy Easter all!

Quote for the week:

    The only perfect sight, is Hindsight.

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