Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things are changing.... and it feels right.

WOW is 2 kiddos different than one.... seriously so different. Ironically so much better. Now when i talk to moms who have one kid, and listen to how they parent. I think to myself "i used to say the same stuff".  I remember being so proud of myself for teaching my kid how to fall asleep by himself. Where is the pride in that? I could go on about all the things he did that where "by the book".... I dont think that way anymore, i refrain from reading parenting books even though my 3 yr old is throwing me for loops i fear i cannot handle at times. I rock my baby to sleep every night even though its what they say you shouldn't. Why the change? Cause this feels right. Raising my babies is the only job i do that will ever matter, I only get one shot, and when i look back, they'll be regrets and mistakes, but at least for right now im doing what feels natural to me. Natural in the now is rocking babies to sleep, holding and kissing as much as they will let me, turning the tv on when I need a few moments, staying up past bed time and eating chocolate before bed as a bribe to get him to do what I want! Haha I'm not perfect. Just redirecting my old way of thinking when I had one, to MY way of thinking with 2. Sometimes my decisions are random, impatient, desperate, or realistic. But there mine and I'm sticking to 'em.

 On another note: my small internet business is growing a weeee bit :) so as i mentioned a little while ago my bags where being sold in a local little store and so far they have been doing really well. Then I got a call today from a another local store that is a local market which i feel my bags would do wonderful in, and they said WE WANT YOU!  this is all so refreshing to hear. It is fueling this stay at home mamas sanity, giving me something to look forward to and stay focused on, and ill admit days tend to run together a lot when your days consist of raising  your little ones and taking care of the house, those things are obviously significant, but sometimes make you personally feel insignificant. Selling stuff that you created is a completely different gratification in it's self. So as of right now Things are changing, and it feels right.

Here are a few things ive been working on recently.

Im working on a lot more stuff apparently i didnt take any pics of it.... haha o well

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